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EST. JANUARY 16 2019


Clifton Edmonds took his love for art and created his own print and design company. Black Sheet Print Shop began with one simple goal: to provide quality merchandise, with truly dependable service in Fredericksburg, VA and surrounding areas. We take pride in our unique work, as well as taking on projects for high quality t-shirts and promotional items for other businesses, non-profits, and more. This business is built on hard work, a dedicated mindset and true professionalism. We treat every new customer like family, and aim to exceed your expectations of quality, prices, and even the

most demanding deadlines.

- Screen Printing

- Dye Sublimation

- Heat Transfer

- Custom Designs

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When it comes to T-Shirt Printing, Black Sheet Print Shop offers several different types of  printing. Screen Printing, one of the oldest techniques used for printing apparel, is when a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a shirt. It is one of the most commonly used methods and is cost effective. During Screen Printing one color is printed at a time so several screens are used to produce multi-color designs on the t-shirt. At Black Sheet Print Shop once a design is received from a client or we create one for you, we will determine the amount of screens that will be needed for the optimal print.

Whether you need a simple logo printed on a shirt for your organization or a more complex graphic shirt, Black Sheet Print Shop can help deliver the best quality

of products with customer satisfaction. 


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